Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Best eco-friendly sunscreens: All Terrain TerraSport

The irony does not escape me that I am writing this on the first day of rain this summer. It seems that winter was worried we might have forgotten about it and came to visit. At my home in the Bay Area it is pouring today like it was any other day in February or March. I love the rain, and yet I am not really looking forward to working in it all day today. Oh well, at least I got a free car wash and I shouldn't have to worry nearly as much today about getting a sunburn : )

After my sunburns and freckles from a few weeks ago I immediately went out and bought new sunscreen to replace my year old tubes. I could not find one of the brands I wanted, and instead decided to try something new that I had read a bit about online. Within the first day I had completely fallen in love with it. Although the one I bought is not waterproof (I am waiting for a local store to restock before I can test out their water-resistant version), All Terrain's TerraSport is incredible. 
Image courtesy of Health Designs

The sunscreen goes on easily and soaks in quickly. I have not had to worry about weird discoloration from the sunblock (typically making your skin look blue and like you are some creature out of a Stephenie Meyer's novel). It does not leave your skin oily or sticky, and hours later when my shift is over I do not feel like I have layers and layers of sunblock on. 

The sunscreen works great when you are out in the sun, but not getting in the water. I have been splashed, and I used on it some really hot days where even after sweating it was still on and working. 

Environmental Working Group Rating: 2
SPF: 30

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