Friday, June 3, 2011

30 day vegetarian challenge

This morning I found a video on GOOD's  30 day vegetarian challenge and it got me thinking. I have been a vegetarian for about 5 years now, and maybe I should pledge to do something more for a month. Check out their video and see if it can inspire you to create a change in your next 30 days (or 27 : ) ) no matter how small. 

I have recently started reading GOOD which is an interesting online format that "is the integrated media platform for people who want to live well and do good. We are a company and community for the people, business, and NGOs moving the world forward." This morning I found a video on their 30 day vegetarian challenge.

The GOOD 30-Day Challenge: Go Vegetarian from on Vimeo.

What will you pledge for the rest of June? Comment below or let your world know through a Facebook status update what the rest of your June will look like. 

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