Saturday, May 14, 2011

No Makeup Challenge

Could you go a day, a week, or two weeks without putting on a single bit of makeup? 

The ladies who wrote the book No More Dirty Looks challenge women to try to leave the house without makeup for at least a day. Why? Because the media is constantly telling women that we do not look good enough if we do not slather on piles of products. Many women have been wearing makeup for so long that they no longer feel comfortable leaving the house without it. 

      Image courtesy of Affordable Health and Beauty

Instead of feeling insecure, embrace your beauty and share your real face!

The No More Dirty Looks webpage had a challenge where:
"All we want is a picture and a promise. One day this week, leave the house—go to work, go do groceries, go to a restaurant—without makeup."
 Why did they start this challenge and why should you do it?
"The reason for this challenge is to rediscover our faces without makeup! A recent British Study found that 70% of women wouldn't leave the house without their makeup tools— half of those said they wore makeup 24/7, and 40% said they'd be embarrassed to be seen without makeup in front of friends or coworkers.
We know it's a bit scary, but you'll be surprised—it's kinda liberating, and may make you rethink how you apply makeup. For example, we're loving the bold lip on the bare, no-mascara face these days... And once you've ditched it all, that kind of experiment won't be so intimidating." 
For some inspiration, check out the pictures of the women who completed the challenge:

Image Courtesy of No More Dirty Looks

As an added bonus, think of all the time you will save!  

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