Wednesday, April 13, 2011

reusable produce bags

every time i go to the grocery store or the farmers market i have an internal battle over which is worse- wasting a plastic bag to protect my groceries on the way home and in the fridge or risking contracting some weird disease from the basket or check out counter. when i do choose to use a plastic bag i try to keep it for as long as possible and reuse it. i have looked around online for good reusable produce bags a few times, but i have never found anything i like. i need bags that i can keep fruit and vegetables in the fridge with so they do not get dried out, and most bags are either cotton or mesh which do not keep in moisture.

i am happy to announce that i have found them, the perfect bags

all of the produce bags are made from recycled plastic or hemp. although i cringe any time i hear the word plastic, these are reusing plastic that has already been used instead of creating new materials, and they will last me the rest of my life. these bags are washable, reusable, and perfect for keeping my produce fresh in the fridge. not to mention they come in a cute pouch that i can clip to my bag so i can't forget them.

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