Saturday, April 30, 2011

Kick that plastic bottle to the curb: Plastic-free water bottle options

Do you know how much you are spending on bottled water every year? Bottled water on average is more than 2,000 times more expensive than tap water. Americans spent more than $15 billion on bottled water last year.

In light of the current known dangers of bottled water and the waste they create, I wanted to compile some reusable water bottle options. I am not endorsing any of the products I highlight here, but rather I tried to find as many BPA free bottles with the most plastic being the lids. The reason I keep the plastic to be a minimum was because of the current uncertainties about plastic bottles leaching

Instead of wasting money and resources on bottled water many people are opting to buy a reusable water bottle instead; however, it is often difficult to know which water bottle to buy when there are so many options. In this post I listed reusable glass and metal water bottles that I have thoroughly researched (but not personally tested) so you do not have to. 


DCI glass water bottle has a cap with a silicone seal. It does not seem safe to toss into a bag however. It is 20 oz for $12

Be Truly You’s bottles are made of approximately 20% recycled glass and they are painted with ceramic-based, led free paint. (The materials of the lid are not disclosed, but it appears to be plastic. They do say that their products are 100% BPA free). They are 20 oz for $18.

Lifefactory's glass water bottle has a BPA free lid and a silicone sleeve to help protect the bottle. It comes in a few different sizes and in many different colors. This is also the glass bottle with the most reviews online, and the majority were positive. the largest is 22 oz for $22.

bkr's bottles are made out of glass with a silicone sleeve to protect it. They are 16 oz and the price depends on the retailer at the moment. The most interesting thing about these bottles is that if you break yours you can send all of the pieces back to bkr with a note explaining why you love it and they will send you a new one, you just have to pay for shipping.

Love Bottle are simple glass bottles that can be easily customized and decorated. They also have locking lids to make them more secure for traveling. 1 liter is $19.00, also come in a .5 liter.

Keeping it simple: you can also use a mason jar, commuter mug, or a glass that you already own; however, keep in mind that these are difficult to travel with. 

Bamboo Bottle Company: This bottle has a bamboo exterior that surrounds a glass tube inside. The water only touches the glass and the lid. Basically the bamboo is to protect the glass. The inside glass piece is removable and dishwasher safe. It is 17oz for $25.

Gaiam aluminum water bottles hold 25.36 fl. oz. for $9.98. The bottles are coated in a “thin, food-grade epoxy resin that meets U.S. Food and Drug Administration requirements for toxic elements in foodware.” (To be perfectly clear I do not know how safe this lining actually is.)

Sigg is 1 liter for $24.99. It has a BPA free liner and they come in many different sizes with a few different options for lids including a sport top.

Stainless Steel
Nalgene stainless wide mouth water bottle $26.99

Swell 17 oz for $35

Klean Kanteen come in a wide variety of beautiful colors and sizes. They also have insulated and wide mouth options. The bottles have a choice of sport or loop top lids, or stainless steel for a bit extra. Their most recent bottle is made with a bamboo lid. 27 oz for $17.95.

Thinksport stainless steel is insulated and has a sport top. 25 oz for $20.

Important things to consider before buying!
The first thing you need to think about is what you expect out of a bottle and which one will best fit your lifestyle. If you spend your day at a desk and in the car, a glass water bottle would work well for you. If you are at school all day and you need something that can roll around in your bag, glass would be a terrible idea. The nice thing about glass is that it is easily recyclable and it does not take many resources to create. 

With all bottles consider how hard it will be to clean, how safe it will be throughout its use, and what exactly you want to do with it (ie. hiking, gym, work, school, at home ect.). If you have the time, it is also good to know where the bottle is manufactured, how easily it can be recycled when you are finished with it, and the resources (ie. Carbon) it will take to get it to you. 

Personal Experience
I believe that the glass bottles are simple and beautiful, but there is no way I could keep one from breaking. I have had both a Sigg and Klean Kanteen in the last few years. To be perfectly honest, I abuse my water bottles. Over the summer they would often take a 5 foot plunge off a lifeguard chair onto the concrete below. They get banged around in my backpack and for some reason I am constantly letting them slip through my hands. Needless to say both my bottles look well loved, but my Klean Kaneteen is sturdier and better designed for my abuse. The aluminum of the Sigg just is not strong enough to withstand my lifestyle. I also love my Klean Kanteen because it is not lined which means that I do not have to worry about it chipping off like my Sigg did. If you have a tendency to abuse water bottles or you want it to look pristine for as long as possible do not buy a colored bottle (the color tends to chip off near scratches and dents).


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